3 Things The Bears Could Do To RUIN Their 2023 Season

The 2023rd NFL Draft is fast approaching, and the NFL team coaches are taking a close look at their rosters to figure out which junior NFL college rookies, fully-fledged professional football player free agents, and other fledged pro players who are currently employed by other teams would be a good fit.

Let’s look at three things the Chicago Bears could do that would TANK THEIR ENTIRE 2023 SEASON!

#1. They could convert all of the money in the Chicago Bears bank account into cash and then flush all of it down the toilet.

This would be one real bonehead move!

If the Chicago Bears did this, they wouldn’t be able to pay any of their coaches and players in 2023! Freaking idiots!

Bye, money!

#2. They could decide not to draft any college rookie quarterbacks and instead make Bears Owner and Fossil Virginia Halas McCaskey the starting QB.

The Bears would have to be dumb as to try this!

#3. They could cut all of their starting players and use the savings to purchase a new body to transplant Virginia Halas McCaskey’s brain into so she can continue to own the Bears for another thousand years.

Whoa!!! They wouldn’t win any titles in 2023, but we think we can speak for the entire world when we say we would all love to see this!

Best of luck in 2023, Chicago Bears! We can’t wait to see what new or old players you end up with!

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