MLB Opening Day Overreactions

We all have our moments, but these people sure had some strong opinions on the First Day of 2023 Baseball!

Let’s take a look at social media!

Yikes! Be careful out there everyone, if someone asks if you have plans for tonight and you know there’s a baseball game in town, it’s best to just make something up! You always have a “cousin’s brother-in-law’s aunt’s husband’s daughter who needs help moving” and you’re the only one who can help! Keep that card in your back pocket! Or your front pocket, if you’re not a lady and your pants have front pockets that can fit a whole card.

Whoa! Another great relationship ruined by Big Baseball. But also maybe don’t lie about being Mark Zuckerberg in the meta verse, you’ll probably get caught!

Whoa!!! Big meat verse with big feelings! Don’t worry, you will feel better soon, you just need to leave the baseball game and go home. Life is beautiful, just not when you’re watching baseball!

What were your thoughts on opening day? Comment below!

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