Chiefs Mock Draft

Well, that isn’t very kind!

News surfaced on the internet today that the Kansas City Chiefs having been mocking the upcoming NFL Draft!

“We work hard on this every year,” said despondent NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We want it to be a special night for those kids! I wish [Chiefs Chairman and CEO] Clark [Hunt] would have just told me what he didn’t like. We could have made some changes.”

Representatives of the Chicago Bears owner Virginia McCaskey were equally upset. “Not all of us have recent Super Bowl rings under our belts. I don’t know what the Hunts are griping about.”

“I’m glad the Chiefs are making fun of the draft,” said Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder. “In fact, I’m going to start mocking it, too! ‘Look at me, I’m a dumb draft!’ lol”

Remember, folks, being nice is a virtue!

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