Fantasy Basketball Owners Confused by LeBron Injury Update

You heard it here first, folks, some people play fantasy basketball! And just like the gameday decisions you have to make for your fantasy football team, fantasy owners in basketball have to choose whether or not to start a player who is listed as doubtful.

A confusing statement and follow-up with the Los Angeles Lakers has left fantasy owners–and pretty much everyone else–uncertain about LeBron James’ status in the upcoming Lakers game against the Chicago Bulls.

“LeBron James’ status is being upgraded to ‘doubtful’,” shared a representative of the Lakers, referring to the change from the previous “out” status.

“Hold on,” said a concerned fantasy owner. “What do you mean by upgrade? Wouldn’t that be a downgrade since the injury is less severe now?”

“Huh?” said the Lakers’ insider.

“That’s a really confusing way to say it,” explained the fan. “Like, his status used to just be ‘out’, right? I guess I don’t understand how changing a word is an upgrade or a downgrade. Does ‘upgrade’ mean LeBron is closer to playing than before? Or the injury had to be upgraded because it’s more serious? How do I know if I should put LeBron in my starting lineup?”

“Yeah, is there an official ranking of possible player statuses?” asked another fantasy basketball owner. “And what’s the difference between doubtful and questionable? I’ve always wondered that.”

Remember, everyone: the alligator mouth is always open toward the greater number!

“How do you decide if someone goes on IR?” inquired another basketball aficionado. “Can’t you just list them as ‘out’ for a few months? I’m just asking because my opponent has a few players who are out right now. Do you think they’ll come back this season? They aren’t on the Lakers and I can’t remember their names, but what do you think?”

Good luck to all the basketball fantasy owners out there!

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