Gamers Express Frustration With Injuries in NBA 2K’s Era Modes

E-sports athletes have poured hours into NBA 2K23’s Era Modes where they can play as their favorite team from a different time period, but there are mixed feelings on the new gameplay!

“I thought it was going to be dope to play a team from, like, history or whatever,” said an avid gamer. “I wish somebody had told me to turn off the ‘season ending injuries’ in the game settings.”

“Injuries suck in any era,” said another E-sport afficionado. “But did you know that waaaaay more things could cause season ending injuries in the early 1800s??! I traded away all the good players on my team for draft picks, got some freaking awesome rookies, and then they all died from broken arms. How???”

Wait, 19th century folks died from things other than dysentery?

“I thought it would be fun to play in the Jurassic era,” lamented a professional video game streamer. “I really like the movies with Chris Pratt. But my best players all suffered season ending injuries when a tyrannosaurus bit their legs off. Stupid.”

What do think of the Eras mode? Comment below!

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