Millions of Brackets DECIMATED in Day One UPSET

Millions of NCAA Bracketball players around the world saw their Final Fours destroyed on the very first day of the March Madness!

A lot of folks had #2 Arizona pegged to go all the way to the Four Final, and some even picked Arizona to win it all and become the Ultimate Bracket Winner of 2023.

But then today on the VERY FIRST DAY of the March Bracket Fest, #2 Arizona LOST to #15 Princeton. Whoa!!!!

“[Princeton] basically cheated,” said a U of A fan. “They used their big brains and their maths and their FORMULAS to cheese their way to victory. That should be against the rules!”

lol what

“THOSE NERDS RUINED MY BRACKET,” shouted someone who is most certainly not a sports blogger and MS Paint fan.

Is your bracket still intact? Share in the comments!

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