OPINION: Using a Ouija Board to Pick Your March Madness Bracket is SAFE and GOOD

Everyone has a different method of choosing who they think will win the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. Sports journalists are especially known for coming up with zany ways to make their Mad March Basket selection so they have some writing material for the next month. Fun!

Well, we’re here to tell you that using a Ouija board to make your bracket is a GREAT idea and nothing bad can come of it.

“What better way to get an insider’s perspective on college ball than to ask a former baller,” said a basketball expert. “And because ghosts are omniscient, they’ll have the inside scoop on all the college teams!”

“Are you the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain?”
S… U… R… E…
“Oh good!”

“Just be sure you ask a ghost who actually likes college sports,” advised a master of the occult. “If you talk to someone like Abraham Lincoln, he probably won’t be interested in using his ghost powers to help you with your bracket.”

Who would you ask for bracket advice? Share in the comments!

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