Davante Adams Shares Thoughts on NFL Trades

The NFL team rosters are changing, and Raiders Wide Receiver Davante Adams has been overheard making some mysterious remarks about the player movement!

“I was at the store earlier today, and I saw a familiar face,” said a Las Vegas resident. “It was Davante Adams! I’m pretty sure he had a Bluetooth headset or some Ear Pods or something. He was probably talking to [Green Bay Packers Head Coach] Matt LaFleur!”

A Vegas visitor was going for a run on the same street where Davante Adams was walking his dog and overheard a cryptic phone call. “I’ve been my refreshing my news feed ever since,” shared the runner. “I know he was talking about a jersey number! Were the Raiders trying to make a trade?”

Mr. Adams was heard later in the day talking to his wife about another NFL trade! “I didn’t want to eavesdrop,” said a neighbor. “But I distinctly heard him say that a trade was a good idea! I wonder which team he was talking about.”

What will Davante Adams talk about next? Fiscal policy? Artificial intelligence? Best practices for scrum teams? If you’re in Vegas, keep your ears open!

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