Scottie Scheffler Wins THE PLAYERS

Nothing screams “the players golf tournament” like THE PLAYERS, are we right?

And Scottie Scheffler, the golf afficionado who won the Masters Tournament last year, has won!

“We presented Mr. Scheffler with a framed certificate of participation to hang on his office wall,” said the International President of PGA Golf. “Now when he makes a Zoom call, he’ll have another framed golf certificate in the background. Now that’s what people like to talk about around the water cooler!”

An artist’s rendering of Scottie Scheffler’s office.

When asked if Scottie Scheffler received a monetary award for winning the THE PLAYERS official golf tournament, the National Golf Association GPA Big Wigs knocked the microphone on the floor while muttering something about all the award money being repurposed for attorney fees in a pending lawsuit from THE Ohio State University.

How many books about golf do you have on your shelf? Share in the comments!

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