Notable March Madness SNUBS

The official bracket of the NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament has been released, and college basketball fans are shocked by the thousands of notable snubs!

“This is wild,” said a college ball fan. “I just can’t get over how long this list is. And there are some pretty famous names on it!”

“I thought I’d print out the list of colleges that were so RUDELY SNUBBED by BIG BASKETBALL,” said another fan. “Thank goodness I bought some of that old-timey printer paper.”

Cool paper! We really want to tear the edges off and then fold the little strip like an accordion.

“There have to be thousands of teams that didn’t make it to March Madness,” continued the fan in disbelief. “The NCAA must have snubbed more teams than they included in the tournament. That’s no way to run a business!”

Did your fave team snag an invite to the biggest bash in all of college basketball? Comment below!

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