Unknowable Number of Teams Watch Odell Beckham Workout

An unknown number of NFL teams showed up to watch Odell Beckham’s private workout at the Arizona State University campus yesterday.

“A double-digit number of teams attended Odell Beckham’s workout,” said sources close to the star wide receiver.

“How many teams were in attendance?” asked a savvy sports journalist.

“Between 10 and 99,” confirmed Mr. Beckham’s buddy.

“But there are only 32 teams in the NFL,” said a confused reporter. “Were there more than 32 teams there? Are other sports interesting in signing Beckham?”

“A non-zero number of teams attended,” replied Odell Beckham’s pal.

“We used reverse psychology to lure an amount of teams to Odell Beckham’s practice,” Beckham’s PR team reportedly said.

“So like ten teams? Twenty?” fished a cutthroat journalist.

“We can confirm that a positive number of teams attended.”

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