BREAKING NEWS: A Second Pro Sports Team Named “Jets”

New York football fans were stunned today to learn that there is another professional sports team named after the flying metallic natural wonders of the modern world.

“I was flipping through the channels, hoping to find a rerun of Super Bowl III where my Jets won it all,” said a New Yorker. “I saw the Jets in the menu and got all excited, I turn the channel–and it’s a hockey game!”

“They stole that name from us,” said a longtime football Jets fan.

The majestic aluminum beast strikes fear in the hearts of its foes! No wonder sports teams are rushing to claim the jet as their namesake.

“Well, I guess I could check out these ‘hockey’ guys,” the first New Yorker said begrudgingly. “After all, a jet is a jet. A win for them is a win for us.”

We sure hope it works that way! Good luck, Jets!

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