The MLB Rule Changes The Fans Are Most Excited About

The Major League Baseball League has made a few rule changes for 2023. This isn’t your grandpa’s baseball anymore, folks!

We interviewed the Baseball’s most dedicated fans to find out what rule changes they were looking forward to!

“The pitch clock, for sure,” said a lifelong fan. “The games just take SO long! I’m not here to just stare at the pitcher, I want to see some action!”

“I’m glad they finally banned that song with those animated animals dancing,” said another fan. “Wait, they didn’t?”

“I’m excited that they’re making the Annual Baseball Players Lockout a national holiday,” said a runner-up for employee of the quarter.

“I’ve been saying for years that there were too many bases. It’s ridiculous,” said a different fan. “With fewer bases, the game would be over sooner.”

“Wait, where’s the batter supposed to run?”
“Who cares, we can go home now!”

“They finally made the baseballs 30% bigger,” said the president of the Baseball Manufacturing Plant. “It’s about darn time.”

The MLB suggestion box for 2024 is available! Share your baseball ideas in the comments below!

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