NCAA Lookalike Found, The Resemblance Is UNCANNY

College football fans are LOSING THEIR MINDS over the discovery of an NCAA lookalike, and you will NOT BELIEVE who it is!

“The resemblance is uncanny,” said a Penn State alum. “I had to do a double take, like ‘whoa, I saw that guy on the field!’ Many years back.”

“No freaking way,” said a little kid. “Is that even real?”

“Don’t touch that, honey,” said the little kid’s mother.

Hundreds of Penn State students hurried to catch a glimpse of the doppelganger! “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one. “Well, except for at football games and pep rallies.”

That’s right, folks! The NCAA celebrity lookalike looks exactly like the Penn State Nittany Lion!


“Does that creature need to be put down?” asked a concerned citizen.

We think you look great, Nittany Lion! You do you!

Have you seen any NCAA lookalikes? Tag them in the comments below?

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