Chiefs Fans Disappointed In Super Bowl Celebration

Not all Kansas City fans were happy with their home team’s celebratory antics at the Super Bowl parade.

“This was supposed to be a somber occasion,” said one fan who attended the parade. “We all gathered to pay tribute to the great Lombardi. There should be no intoxication in the presence of the Lombardi. That’s what Ms. Manners said.”

“Only us fans are allowed to party,” shouted a Kansas City native. “My keister is still clenched after the season they put us through, the fans are the ones who should be letting loose.”

The first fan then butted in with some paper and markers. “Here, let me draw you the appropriate demeanor that the players are supposed to have during the parade. Calm and collected. This here is a sober face of a disciplined football player. This dude knew the Lombardi was in the bag. No surprise there.”

Very stoic!

Another fan expressed disappointment in the players’ alcohol tolerance. “These dudes are big and buff, how are they staggering off the party bus? It’s like they had some super strict diet all season or something.”

“I’m disappointed they were still conscious,” said the dissenting opinion. “They just won the Super Bowl! If I were them, I’d be either drunk or passed out for a month.”

Whoa. You might want to talk to someone about that!

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