Basketball Fans Hoping For All-Star Alternatives for 2024

The ink is barely dry on the score card, and NBA Fans–particularly Lakers fans–are already floating alternatives to the 2024 All-Star Game.

“The NFL has it right with the Pro Bowl,” griped a basketball fan who reluctantly tuned in to tonight’s All-Star Game. “I mean, no one really cares about the Pro Bowl, right? So they don’t have it until basically the end of the season. No one has to watch a player on their team, or God forbid, someone from their fantasy team, get injured halfway through the season while playing a game that doesn’t matter.”

“[The NBA] should just do the slam dunk contest and whatever else they do, the dribbling the ball, the horse, the three-point shots,” said another fan. “Like what the Pro Bowl did this year. Just some fun, light-hearted activities where the players can banter and stuff.”

“Are you ing kidding me, LeBron got hurt?” yelled a longtime Lakers fan who had to work during the game and was just scrolling through the headlines. “What the , we need him to get to the playoffs! Why was he even playing??”

“Maybe we should do some activities where players are less likely to injure their hands and stuff,” said an NBA insider. “Like that game where you put your hand on a table and then stab a knife in between all your fingers as fast as you can. Wow, that’s great. Good job, me! I’m penciling that in for next year.”

Get ready for All-Star Game 2024!

Share your suggestions for 2024 below!

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