Top Moments of Super Bowl LVII

The latest super bowl is now in the books! What was your favorite part?

“I liked it when the Chiefs won,” said a Kansas City resident.

“I liked the half-time show,” screamed one Super Bowl attendee whose hearing hadn’t returned to normal yet. “Congratulations, Rihanna and A$AP!”

“Rihanna totally stole the show,” agreed a fan watching at home. “I don’t even remember who won anymore.”

“I liked the airplanes,” said a little kid.

“My favorite part was when I thought my team was going to win,” said a Philadelphia native who flew to Arizona to watch the game.

“I liked the confetti-fail that dumped 30 lbs of confetti on those players lol” typed a rando on the internet.

The State Farm Stadium Rescue Crew successfully recovered several players who were buried alive in confetti.

“I liked the funny beer commercials,” said someone who clearly didn’t watch the game at all.

Congratulations to the Chiefs and Eagles for showing up to the Biggest Game of the Year and having fun!! They should have a super bowl every year!

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