Sports Journalists Rush To Learn New Skills

Now that the Biggest Football Game of the Year is over, sports journalists are pouring through books and WikiHow articles to learn about new sports that they could write about.

“Logically I knew the NFL season would come to end,” lamented one sports journalist. “But I didn’t really get it. Now I have to figure out all these other sports that I’ve never heard of.”

“I haven’t crammed like this since I took Physics my junior year in high school,” joked another journalist. “I’m just messing with you, I didn’t take physics.”

The classics!

“What’s that orange ball, and how do I write about it?” asked a different journalist. “Is that the one that Kevin Durant uses? Maybe I’ll hop over to New York and interview him, ask him for some pointers.”

Whoa! You might want to keep reading those WikiHows before you make any big travel plans!

“Oh, sweet! I didn’t know basketball has field goals!” said a longtime football reporter. “That’s easy, I’ll just write about that for awhile.”

“I got two chapters into Hockey: A Beginners Guide for ing Dips , but it’s just so complicated,” complained another football reporter. “I’m just going to do a bunch of NFL mock drafts and write about that until the next NFL season starts.”

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