Things To Do in Phoenix Before the Super Bowl

So you’ve spent your entire year’s salary on tickets to Super Bowl LVII, and now you’re looking for things to do in Phoenix before the Big Game starts!

Here are the top 10 things to do in Phoenix!

#1. Sweat!
The most popular thing to do in Arizona! Fun fact: 100% of Arizonans sweat every day! Whoa.

#2. Look at a cactus!
These babies are almost everywhere in Arizona. Most of them look very fierce, but others look like they would be fun to touch. But don’t be fooled!! Cacti are always sharp and thirsty for blood!

#3. Look at a different cactus!
Whoa, so many varieties! And they all crave human flesh and tears!

Don’t be fooled by their innocent faces!

#4. Look at another cactus!
Look but don’t touch! They can smell your fear.

#5. Talk to the locals about the dry heat!

#6. Drink plenty of water!
Especially if you’re going to be drinking some cold ones at the big game!

#7. Talk to visitors about the dry heat!
Chances are, other super bowl spectators flew in from somewhere cold and wet!

#8. Keep sweating!
It’ll be hot, yo!

#9. Drink even more water!
You have been sweating a lot, time to replenish!

#10. Look at a cactus while drinking water and sweating!
Time to combine all Arizona activities into ONE SUPER SOUTHWESTERN ACTIVITY.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Arizona! Enjoy the biggest game that ever gamed!

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