Surprise At Phoenix Open

Sports journalists sent to cover the Waste Management Phoenix Open were delighted this afternoon when the monotony was interrupted by a streaker. Yikes!

“Oh my gosh, what a classic,” said an anonymous reporter. “I mean, I know it’s a crime and all, but it really made my day. I was falling asleep over there!”

“I finally had something to take a picture of,” said a photographer. “Watching all these snotty old farts take their little ‘practice swings’ and shuffle their feet to get in their stance like a dog getting ready to pop a squat and take a huge nasty dump. It makes me sick. I was thinking of switching to a career in nature photographer when that streaker ran out. I got a real chuckle out of it. I guess life can be fun after all.”

“Prior to the streaker, the best pic I took was of a cute little rat eating a Dorito,” said another photographer. “Look at this little guy!”

Awwww! Wow, what a day!

“I don’t even know who won the golf,” said a spectator. “I got distracted by that cute rat and the streaker.”

“I just left after that,” said another attendee. “You can’t top that.”

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