CBS Prepping New Office For Romo

After retiring from quarterbacking in 2017, Tony Romo found his second career as a broadcaster with CBS. Football viewers were dazzled by Romo’s seemingly psychic ability to predict the plays. Unfortunately, Mr. Romo’s inner eye has been clouded as of late, and folks who watched the AFC Championship broadcast thought his inner foot may be in his inner mouth.

The sports world is convinced that Romo’s broadcasting career is winding down! But what do the experts at CBS have to say?

“That couldn’t be farther from the truth,” said an anonymous CBS insider. “CBS signed him on a 10-year contract, after all. In fact, CBS is doing a major upgrade of Tony’s office! He’s going to love the view.”

Whoa. Eat a turd, corner office.

Will Tony Romo find himself replaced by another retired football player? You’ll find the details here first!

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  1. I loved this one lol! Close to the truth here.

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