Billions of NFL Fans Bamboozled by Mock Draft Headlines

It’s that time of year again, folks! With the end of the football season–and the football news drought–fast approaching, sports journalists are doubling down on NFL mock drafts to get their headlines. When you’re scrolling through the sports news, be sure to read the find print!

No. Way.

“I saw a headline about a glitch in the draft that gave every single pick to my home team, the Vikings,” said a Minnesota resident. “I was really excited but then I read the find print. They type it really small, but I was able to find it. It said ‘mock draft’ in tiny letters. I was so disappointed, I thought this could be our year to snag all the best picks. Big Journalism tried to throw one by me. I almost believed it.”

“No freaking way,” said a little kid. “The newspaper said that if the Eagles win, they would trade away the title in exchange for a first round pick. What a bunch of baloney. I’m never reading again, reading sucks.”

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