Super Bowl Halftime Show FAQs

Now that all the relevant football leading up to the Super Bowl is over (lmbo sorry, not sorry, Pro Bowl) folks are turning their attention to the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show!

Where is the Super Bowl halftime show?
In Arizona. Where the Super Bowl is.

Is the halftime show in the same building as the super bowl game?
No, all the fans are going to have to carpool to a new venue to see the halftime show.

Who’s going to sing at the halftime show?
No one probably!! Ba-dum-tssssss.

No, really, I’m trying to decide whether or not to watch it. Who is the performer?
The iconic “Disturbia” singer Rihanna.

Is that it?
Probably not, there are always a bunch of other rando singers who make a surprise appearance.

Will Rihanna do a collab with Barry Manilow?
We doubt it.

What about 1D?
No, sorry. You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Will the Eagles be singing with her?
No, man, they’ll be in the locker room getting ready for the 3rd quarter.

No, the band the eagles.
Yeah, sure. Why not.

We’d like to make the halftime show more interesting. What can we bet on?
Whoa, um, anything! Length of the halftime show in time, length of the halftime show in feet (like how long is the stage), how old Rihanna is, what songs Rihanna will sing, what Rihanna’s greatest hit is, what will the score be during the halftime show, will any of the players come out to watch the show and which ones, will Barry Manilow join Rihanna yes or no, will Rihanna cover a Barry Manilow song, how many camera flashes will go off during the halftime show, will the halftime show cause a city-wide blackout, how many toilets across the country are flushed during the halftime show. You name it, you can bet on it.

Neat. Is there anything else I should know? I don’t like change.
Well, there’s a new halftime show sponsor in town! It’s no longer the Pepsi Halftime Show, now it’s the Apple Music Halftime Show!

Oh no! Can we still drink Pepsi during the halftime show?
Heck yes, everyone. Stick it to the man and chug that Pepsi!

Do we have to subscribe to Apple Music in order to watch the Halftime Show?
idk probably? If you’re watching the Super Bowl on your Apple device and you haven’t paid for all the bells and whistles, your device will self-destruct as the halftime show starts. Sorry.

Dude, just watch it on TV.

Be a rebel!

Is the Puppy Bowl still on?
Uh, probably.

Oh good.
We’d like to answer your question with a question.

We hope that helps you decide whether or not you watch the halftime show!

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