Sports Journalists Chuck ALL Bengals-Chiefs Footage In The Trash

As the AFC Championship game ended with a Kansas City Chiefs victory, sports videographers around the stadium ripped the tapes out of the cameras and threw all of the footage directly into the trash… and popped in a fresh tape to record the SPORTS GAME GOLD that they knew the audience would want to see!

What year is it?!

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai, whose penalty put the Chiefs in field goal range at the end of the fourth quarter, was understandably emotional on the sidelines.

“THERE HE IS!” Shouted an intrepid reporter. “HEY! LOOK OVER HERE! HEY! QUICK, ZOOM IN ON HIS FACE!!!”

“Is it recording? IS IT RECORDING??!” Another reporter could be heard yelling. “We need more light over here, people! We need those tears to SPARKLE!”

Bengals teammates and fans, who knew how hard Mr. Ossai had been playing and understood what it’s like to make a mistake, hurried to show support for Joseph Ossai and the team. “Great work out there, we’ll get ’em next year!” “You’re awesome, Joseph Ossai!” “You played a great game!”

“OH NO,” yelled the videographers. “He’s looking less sad! We need more melancholy footage to make our big breaks! Somebody, say something mean to him! Quick! Tell him his dog died!”

Great game, Bangles and Chieves! We can’t wait to see the rematch next season!

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