Suns Entertainment Team Grabs Wrong Celebratory Signs

After a real nailbiter of a fourth quarter, the buzzer sounded, and YOUR Phoenix Suns officially defeated the Memphis Grizzlies! The home crowd at Footprint Center went wild! Until they saw the signs that the Suns entertainment team members were holding.

“I thought the Suns won by two points,” said a fan in attendance. “But then the dancers were holding these huge signs that said ‘Suns lose’ so I guess I was wrong? I’ll just check the score in the paper tomorrow.”

“It was a hectic fourth quarter,” said a frazzled Suns manager. “There was a lot of back and forth, we didn’t know what was going happen! We grabbed both the ‘Suns win’ and ‘Suns lose’ signs, just to cover our bases. I guess in the rush to get out on the court, we took the signs from the wrong pile.”

No worries! Congrats to the Suns–or maybe the Grizzles–on their victory!

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