Breaking News: Tom Brady Cusses During Interview

Everybody’s favorite geriatric quarterback Tom Brady used some naughty words in an interview with sportscaster Jim Gray.

“I’m very disappointed,” said a fan of Touchdown Tom. “I thought Tom Brady was all about clean eating and a clean image and everything clean. Well, it sure sounds like his mouth is dirty.”

Brady was so foul-mouthed in his interview, the only available transcripts had multiple pages where the entire sheet had to be redacted. Impressive!

“It was wild,” said a listener of Jim Gray’s podcast. “Like seriously five minutes of just non-stop bleeps. I didn’t even know there were that many bad words.”

Here is a photograph of five pages of Jim Gray’s interview with Tom Brady.

A local dad was also shocked by the profanity. “I was having Alexa search Spotify for the Frozen soundtrack for my toddler, and we got Jim Gray’s ‘Let’s Go’ podcast by mistake. And now my daughter won’t stop saying . I had to take her home from daycare because she wouldn’t stop saying no-no words for grown-ups only. Thanks a lot, Tom Brady.”

Heads up to future interviewers–don’t ask Tom Brady what his plans for the future are!

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