Jets Willing To Un-Retire #12 To Lure Packers’ Rodgers To Team

Longtime Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre did a stint as a New York Jet after leaving Green Bay, and it looks like the Jets may be trying to snag another Packers QB!

Jets insiders have revealed that the Jets would be willing to un-retire the number 12 jersey! Retired in 1985, the iconic #12 was famously worn by Joe “Broadway” Namath, who led the Jets to a victory in Super Bowl III. (For those of you who don’t read Greek, that’s Super Bowl 3.)

“Look, no offense to the late, great Joe, but that was a lot of Super Bowls ago,” Jets owner Woody Johnson reportedly said.

“Hey, I’m still alive,” said Joe Namath.

A Joe Namath jersey hangs in the New York Jets Museum!
For now.

“Joe was a famously great guy,” continued Woody Johnson, “so he would definitely be okay if we burned all the ‘Great Joe’ jerseys and gave the revered number to Aaron Rodgers. Or maybe Tom Brady. We’ve got options.”

“I’m still alive,” said Joe Namath the Broadway. “Hello? Who said you could give my number away?”

We can’t wait to see if Aaron Rodgers decides to follow in the footsteps of his Packers mentor Brett Favre! If you’re reading this, Aaron Rodgers, be sure to start your own charity ASAP.

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