Now’s The Time To Get Your Super Bowl LVII Tattoo

Are you confident in your favorite playoff team AND you’re thinking about getting some new ink?

Well, now is the PERFECT time to get a cool tattoo declaring your team as the next Super Bowl champs!

There are a grand total of eight teams left that could possibly make it to the Biggest Game of the Year. That means you have a 50% chance (rounding up from 12%) of picking the right team. But because there are so many teams left, you’ll look really smart if you choose right!

Chef’s kiss!
  • Step 1. Pick a team!
  • Step 2. Pick a neat tattoo place!
  • Step 3. Pick a cool tat! If you’re an Eagles fan, you can save the above pic to Pinterest and then show it to your new favorite tattoo artist.
  • Step 4. Take a selfie of your new tat and post to social media.
  • Step 5. Watch the “likes” and “loves” pour in! Everybody thinks you’re great!
  • Step 6. When your team wins, watch the “likes” and “wow faces” pile up. Everybody thinks you’re a psychic!

Share a pic of your Super Bowl tat in the comments! Be sure to post the pic before the Saturday Edition of Thursday Night Football for maximum social media kudos.

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