Packers, Rodgers Out of Playoffs

The Sunday Night Football game has come to an end, as have the Playoff hopes of Aaron Rodgers and his pals on the Green Bay Packers.

In an interview circulating around the ol’ boob tube, Aaron Rodgers is talking to his friend Jake who works at State Farm Insurance. Jake tells him about the State Farm Personal Price Plan, and Aaron Rodgers decides to get personal! He admits to Jake that he hates practicing and has hired a lookalike to attend football practices for him. His lookalike shows up to say hi, and Jake quickly assures Aaron Rodgers that he doesn’t need to get that personal in this interview.

The interview awkwardly cuts off, but according to the lookalike, there was more to it!

“Yeah, Aaron just doubled-down on the ‘personal’ stories,” said the lookalike. “Or, should I say, he daily-doubled-down!”

When the crickets stopped chirping, he continued, “He also told Jake his most personal secret. Want to hear it? He doesn’t really like football! He doesn’t want to do a Playoff this year.”

When asked about how much he gets paid, Rodgers’ lookalike said he makes thousands of dollars for each gig. “The real Aaron, he’s a genius, man. He invented his own currency, the Rodgers Dollar. I get paid in Rodgers Dollars. He says they’ll be worth more than bitcoin someday.”

“But unlike bitcoin, I can redeem Rodgers Dollars for cool stuff like temporary tattoos, jacks, and those neat stretchy guys.”

Paycheck from week 17.

Best of luck to Aaron Rodgers, his stunt double, and the whole Packers gang during the offseason!

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