Derek Carr’s Brother Reacts to QB’s Benching

Longtime Raiders QB Derek Carr was benched after the week 16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and his brother David recently shared his opinion on the Raiders’ decision to bench Derek.

“Derek is the best brother and an even better quarterback. And you know what that means,” said bro David Carr. “That means he’s even better than perfect at being a quarterback. It’s really mean of the Raiders to bench him. Derek has been with the Raiders for a real long time, and it just sucks that they would do this to him. I know I’m late to share my opinion on this, but I was busy processing my feelings about this terrible decision by Coach [Josh] McDaniels. I was not in fact waiting for my brother and best friend to write a script and pay me $500 bucks in exchange for reading it.”

Whoa, a cool word cloud.

“Derek is such a great football player, he would not need to pay me to say good things about him. Derek is the best. Every NFL team would be lucky to have him as their QB next season. Derek is a way better brother than I am, and in fact, Mom and Dad, you’re listening, it was in fact me who wrote ‘Derek’ all over the wall in crayon in 1994 and not my awesome little bro.”

Good luck, Derek Carr! We hope you find your forever home next season!

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