Black Monday BARGAINS to Kick Off the NFL Off-Season

It’s that time of year again, everyone! Your team is out of the playoffs for this season, but the sky’s the limit for next year! And you know what that means–time to shake things up with a brand new (gently used) Head Coach!

Maybe your team could score one of these MAJOR DEALS!

No thx.

Arizona Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury and General Manager Steve Keim will both be polishing up their LinkedIn profiles! Coach Kingbury has expressed interest in continuing to coach, but Mr. Keim will likely take some self-improvement time to become less of a pest. Is your team in the market for a potential lawsuit?

Houston Texans Coach Lovie Smith will also be updating his resume on Monster. Coach Smith was only with the Texans for a year, and he only ever went to the stadium on Sundays so he’s got a lot of miles left on the ol’ tread. Maybe he’ll find his forever home with your team!

Not at the Black Monday Deals are good bargains, though! We hope your team doesn’t overpay for a Sean McVay or a Jim Harbaugh!

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