Washington Commanders Introduce Mascot and Brace for Lawsuits

The Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Washington Footballs, have finally jumped on the mascot bandwagon and introduced their own adorable critter to pump up the fans!

“We looked at the success of the other teams with cute critters like Sir Purr and Billy Buffalo,” said everyone’s favorite NFL owner Dan Snyder. “We figured the Commanders should also have a fun animal! Meet Major Tuddy, the cute pig wearing a Commanders uniform! Isn’t he great!”

We say 7 out of 10 on the Cuteness Scale.
For reference, Sir Purr comes in at a 12.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snyder and the Commanders, it looks there are some copyright issues pertaining to Major Tuddy. Some former Washington players from back in the day before they were the much-loved Washington Footballs called themselves the Original Hogs.

“What’s an original hog,” said a random kid and future football fan, without looking up from his mobile game.

“Original Hog,” said everyone’s favorite philanthropist Brett Favre. “That’s what I call my .”

“Major Tuddy,” said everyone’s favorite big ben Ben Roethlisberger. “That’s what I call my .”

“Oh, I just caught the pocket man in my mobile game,” said the random kid from before. “It’s a fire type pig. I’m naming it Major Hog.”

“I’ll see you in court, you hooligan,” said Former Washington Footballer and Original Hog Joe Jacoby.

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