Fantasy Football Owners Sweat It Out As MNF Game Suspended

If you were watching the ESPN Monday Night Football game, you likely saw the terrifying moment when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field! Everybody was freaking out as Mr. Hamlin left the field in an ambulance.

Scary stuff!!

If you can imagine how worried Damar Hamlin’s family and teammates are, just think about the amount of sleep that Bills and Bengals fantasy owners are going to lose until the game gets rescheduled!


There are still fantasy playoffs going on, folks! And some fantasy owners are counting on their Bills and Bengals players to eke out one last win for the big fantasy trophy and bragging rights in their friend group.

“It’s really sad what happened, I mean, I’ve never won the league trophy before,” said one anonymous fantasy owner whose starting QB is Josh Allen. “I’m really upset about what happened, I just wanted to be able to hold it over all my college pals that my team was better than all of theirs this one year. Huh? Oh, you were asking about the injury? Uh, that really sucks, man.”

We hope you feel better soon, Damar Hamlin!!

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