Belligerent Bills Fans Forced to Watch Game From Parking Lot

During the chilly game between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins, many fans at Buffalo Bills Stadium started throwing snowballs.

Sounds like a fun activity for a wintry day! But when the fans started throwing snowballs at the field, players, and refs, the powers that be knew they had to crack down.

The fans were warned that throwing snowballs would result in a 15-yard penalty. Quick thinking, refs! The fans just assumed the refs were talking about penalties for the football team and they had a lot of faith in Bills QB Josh Allen. So the snowballs kept flying!

But it turns out the refs were talking about 15-yard penalties for the fans!

After throwing 10 snowballs, some fans got a 150-yard penalty. That’s so far back, it meant that they had to watch the game outside the stadium on their cell phones! Whoa!!

This is exactly what Bills Stadium looks like.

Which player would you like to see get brained by a snowball? Comment below!

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