NFL Faces Criticism Over “X-Ray Moves” in Instant Replay

In an effort to make football “even cooler and more bad@$$” than it already is, the NFL is considering using Mortal Kombat-esque “X-Ray Moves” on replays showing player injuries.

“It would give fantasy owners a sneak peek into player injuries,” said a representative of the NFL. “Of course, we wouldn’t know exactly what happened, especially if it’s a non-contact injury. But we could take a pretty good guess.”

For those unfamiliar with the iconic grizzly fighting video game franchise, players can do special moves that show their opponents’ bones breaking.

“It’s so cool,” said a little kid. “You like freeze a dude, you punch his head clean off and he can’t do anything because he’s frozen, and then you see his skull fly off and there’s blood all over and then you catch his skull and then you beat him to death with his own skull and you can see like all his bones breaking. It’s really neat.”

Yeah, that sure sounds straight poggers or whatever.

Gruesome “X-Ray” footage from the infamous January 2015 “deflategate” game between the Patriots and Colts.

“That’s dumb,” said the little kid from before.

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