Rodgers Debuts New Look for Rivalry Game Against Bears

Trendsetting quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers has been in the news a lot lately, and he is making headlines again for the new look he revealed in today’s game against division rival Chicago Bears!

Our pal Aaron Rodgers has sported a casual salt and pepper beard all season–but as fans saw today at Soldier Field, he recently shaved, going from an iconic “older gentleman” look to a more youthful appearance.

“I hardly even recognized him today,” said head coach Matt LaFleur. “I saw him in the locker room, and I was like, ‘Who’s this young whipper-snapper?’ And just when we were wondering if he was getting too old to be a QB!”

The Packers QB arrives at Soldier Field for today’s game.

“I had a lot of fun catching passes from Jordan [Love] last week,” said Packers rookie wide receiver Christian Watson. “It was cool to play with someone my own age, you know? But then as I was walking into Soldier Field this morning, I look over, and there’s Aaron [Rodgers]! Flying by on this totally rad skateboard! He’s still got it!”

“Yeah, sure, I rode to work on the ol’ board today,” confirmed Aaron Rodgers to no one in particular. “I do that a lot actually, commuting to Lambeau. That’s the primary mode of transportation for us youths who have a long career ahead of us.”

Packers back-up quarterback Jordan Love could not be reached for comment.

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