LSU Takes 2nd Place in SEC Championship

“Well ah do declare, we got ourselves a silver medal,” said LSU coach and native Massachusetts-er Brian Kelly.

“Ah say listen up! Where ah come from, we call ourselves Bay Staters,” corrected Coach Kelly. “Not ‘Massachusettsan’ or ‘Massachusettsite’ or whatever new-fangled saying y’all are fixin’ to make up.”

Anyhoo, Coach Kelly’s LSU Tigers took on the Georgia Bulldogs today in the SEC Championship Game to determine which college football NFL Jr. team is the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD of the 14 SEC football teams. What an honor! And the Tigers managed to get second place in the championship game. Great work!

“Ah am happier than a hound dog with two tails!”

Coach K talks to the press after the game!

“Well, ah say we got the short end of the stick today,” said Coach Kelly. “But don’t y’all go nowhere! This Tigers team’s got gumption, and ah’ll tell you what, y’all can hold your horses ’cause we’ll win it all next season if the creek don’t rise!”

Congrats to the Georgia B-dogs!

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