Well Wishes Pour In For Uninjured Drew Brees

The NFL world got quite a scare today when a video circulated of former QB Drew Brees apparently getting struck by lightning. Whoa.

But don’t worry, folks, Drew Brees is alive and well and was not in fact struck by a bolt of lightning! Just the magic of special effects.

“Wait, I’m confused,” said a New Orleans Saints fan. “We all saw the video of Drew Brees clearly being hit by lightning. We could see a glowing skeleton and his hair poofed out and everything. And now you’re saying that didn’t actually happen?”

That’s exactly what we’re saying!

Commercial producers and behind the scenes folks are used to whipping up neat special effects and infographics to help us common folks understand just how cool our fave players are!

“Hold on, so none of the infographics actually happen either?” asked a confused fan. “I’ll buy that Brees didn’t get struck by lightning, but now you’ll probably tell me that during the Thursday night game, Mac Jones didn’t get turned into a crying baby by an evil witch, take a huge steaming dump in his baby-diaper, and then get pancaked by a steamroller with his name on it?”

Wow, we wish we had seen that infographic nugget! But nope, it didn’t happen in real life! Just a neat little video for the fans.

Follow Drew Brees’ real-life example–not his commercial example! Stay safe around lightning!

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