Soccer Fans Torn Between Rooting for Home Team or Rooting for Japan

Fans of soccer, also known as football or FIFA in other parts of the world, are torn between rooting for the team of their motherland or rooting for Japan, the motherland of anime.

For folks in Japan, this choice is easy!

But for everyone else who has a fave anime or manga, this is a much harder choice.

“I grew up watching Pokémon, so I’m real twisted up about who to root for,” said a millennial from the US who wished to remain anonymous. Fun fact: Pokémon is Japanese for pocket monsters! There’s also a cool app for your smart phone.

“Omg, when Sakura confessed to Sasuke, I almost diiiiiiiiiiiied,” said a self-proclaimed die-hard anime fan. “But obviously the OTP of all Japanese literature is Luffy and Nico Robin.”

Thankfully for drunk artists out there, the Japanese flag can be easily drawn in MS Paint! Good work!

German anime fans have extra mixed feelings, as their team is now headed home from the World Cup games.

“Obviously I’m especially sad that my team won’t be bringing home the FIFA World Cup trophy,” said an avid manga reader in Berlin (except they said it in German). “But I also really want Tite Kubo to be in a good mood so he’ll do a sequel to Bleach where we finally get to find out that Ulquiorra is alive and well and married to Ichigo’s childhood friend Tatsuki.”

“I bet it was just like that episode of Eyeshield 21 where Kobayakawa Sena does that cool move and the music gets all peppy,” gushed a sports anime fan.

“You baka, Eyeshield 21 is about football not soccer,” said a different sports anime fan.

We don’t know what any of that means, but we can’t wait to see what’s next for World Cup soccer or football!

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