Photographers Flee From Adams

Some NFL photographers from Allegiant Stadium may find themselves recruited to play as running backs after a stunning performance on Sunday!

As Davante Adams jogged to the locker room after the Raiders home game, the end zone photographers sprinted out of his way! No one wanted to see a repeat of the infamous incident from two weeks ago.

But in the process of giving Mr. Adams as wide a berth as possible, these photographers may have found themselves a new career.

“I was impressed by their agility and quick lateral movement,” said Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. “I bet they could do a 40-yard dash in 4.45.”

Camera folks promptly hurl themselves out of the way of Davante Adams.

Sources close to the Allegiant Stadium photography team report that the camera folks would rather keep taking pics and are hoping to be transferred to the other side of the field. Good luck!

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