DJ Chark on IR

The Detroit Lions have placed fan-favorite wide receiver DJ Chark on injured reserve–but not because he’s injured!

DJ Chark is perfectly fine, much to the frustration of fantasy owners.

The Lions are just tired of hearing people sing the notorious “Baby Shark” song every time Mr. Chark runs out on the field.

Rumor has it, the Dallas Cowboys were planning to play the infamous video on the jumbotron during their home game against the Lions tomorrow!

This is a video for kids?

“I’m so tired of this ” head coach Dan Campbell reportedly told the team after breaking a clipboard in half. “DJ, you’re benched. I don’t want to hear your name for at least another week.”

According to sources close to the team, when Mr. Chark protested, Coach Campbell dramatically pulled the IR list out of his back pocket and scribbled DJ Chark’s name at the top of the list. “One more word and you’ll be on the list for real.”

Keep your chin up, DJ Chark! Doo-doo, doo-doo.

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