PSA: Set Your Alarms for the London Games!

We get it, waking up early suuuuuuuuuuuucks, man!

But if you’re a true NFL fan, you will sacrifice those precious hours of sleep to watch the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints all the way across the pond! Talk about an away game, are we right?

That means if you live in the contiguous United States, you might have to set your alarm for as early as 6:20 AM! Make sure you leave yourself enough time to check your fantasy team and make coffee! Or tea, if you’d like to pretend you’re at the game.

If you live in the western US, this is what your alarm clock should look like when you wake up tomorrow. If you don’t have one that looks exactly like this, there’s still time to shop!

American football fans will be looking for the best fascinators and listening closely as everyone sings “God Save the King” for the first time ever at an NFL football game! (No pressure, singers!)

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  1. You actually got me thinking early about getting up to watch the Packer game next week! Lol thanks much!

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