Dolphins Medical Staff Under Investigation

If you watched the Amazon Edition of Thursday Night Football, which was supposed to be the fun debut of the white Cincinatti Bengals uniforms, you likely witnessed the frightening injury to Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa. Mr. Tagovailoa was carted off the field in the second quarter.

Mr. Tagovailoa suffered mysterious injuries in last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills. All the amateur couch-doctors watching at home were convinced that Miami’s QB had a concussion, but the team doctor gave him the thumbs up to return to the game. Whoa! Now after last night’s injury, the NFL Players Association is looking into the Miami Dolphins medical staff.

Sources close to the team have indicated that the regular team doctor has been out of office on PTO, so they’ve been relying on the back-up B-team doctor, pictured below, for advice.

Wait, what?

When asked during last week’s game if Tua Tagovailoa had passed concussion protocol and could return to the game, the back-up doctor replied in the affirmative.

Oh whew! It’s got a coat now, everyone, it’s okay!

When asked if it was okay to let Mr. Tagovailoa start in the TNF football game against the Bengals, the back-up doctor also replied in a slightly sassier affirmative.

Uh, that’s ominous. Why are you lol-ing, doc?

Best wishes to Mr. Tagovailoa and the Dolphins, and good luck to the NFLPA in their investigation!


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