Five Old Sports Tools That Today’s NFL Players Wouldn’t Recognize!

Football sure has changed a lot since the invention of sport! Let’s look at five old-timey tools of the sport that today’s NFL athletes wouldn’t even know what to do with!

Ye Olde Football

Everyone knows that footballs used to be made out of pigskin. That’s why people refer to a football as the ‘ol pigskin (derived from “ye olde pigskin”). Fun fact: if people were in a hurry to get the game started, sometimes the players would just toss a piglet around! The piglets usually had a blast. Unfortunately every time there was an incomplete pass, the players had to chase down their football before they could start the next play.

Ye Olde Head Protector

The inventors of football didn’t have much medical knowledge, but they did know that an impact to the eyeball-holder would cause the tiny wizard that lives between the ears to cast a spell of confusion.

Ye Olde Head Fixer

Even if the old timey NFL players wore their think-meat protectors, injuries would still happen! Fortunately for our athlete ancestors, the head coach and staff brought along ye olde head fixer. Nothing a good bleeding won’t fix! As a bonus, ye olde head fixer could also be used as ye olde broken finger remover.

Ye Olde Team Doctor

And to wield ye olde head fixer is ye olde team doctor! Today’s athletes aren’t a fan of the dude in the evil-looking bird costume. Kids these days!

Ye Olde Luxury Car

We dig all the commercials for snazzy trucks and luxury cars. Well, this beauty is a walking advertisement! We’re talking one horsepower, four leg drive, heated seat, GREAT mileage, and sunroof. We’ll take two!

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