Deandre Ayton, Monty Williams Rift?

Over the summer, folks in Phoenix sent up a ton of prayers that Phoenix Suns Center Deandre Ayton would stay with the Suns for another season and not get traded to some other NBA team. Now it sounds like the fingers on the monkey’s paw are flipping Suns fans the bird!

Although Mr. Ayton hasn’t been traded, he recently told interviewers that he and head coach Monty Williams haven’t spoken since the infamous Game 7 against the Mavericks!

“Things are going well, though,” said Deandre Ayton. “A few months ago, we hired this real great nanny for our son Deandre Jr. She’s awesome, she knows a lot about basketball, so it’s been nice to be able to talk shop and practice a bit with her after she’s done babysitting Deandre Jr.”

Monty Williams Deandre Jr.’s nanny talks b-ball with Deandre Ayton!

Hopefully Coach Williams and Deandre Ayton can officially patch things up before the NBA season kicks off!

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