Companies, Fans Hope to See Suns, Sarver Split

PayPal isn’t the only one calling for the Phoenix Suns to cut ties with current owner and long-time pest Robert Sarver.

Leaked passages from the newest version of It’s Official You’re an Official: 2022-2023 NBA Guide to Being a Referee and Enforcing Rules have Suns fans hoping to see Mr. Sarver looking for a new job.

How many steps do they get in 2025?

Sources close to NBA Referee Scott Foster, the declared nemesis of Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns, reveal that Mr. Foster wept with joy upon reviewing the updated copy of It’s Official You’re an Official. “We’re a little concerned,” said one friend of the Fosters. “He’s been watching old footage of Chris Paul basically non-stop, pointing at the screen occasionally and yelling gibberish. He even forgot to gamble on the football games last weekend!”

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