Five Times Pete Carroll Made People Wonder If He Is Real

There are lots of myths and legends out there! Let’s take a look at five times “Seahawks Head Coach” “Pete Carroll” made us think he was a figment of our imaginations.

  1. One time when the live seahawk mascot was flying around before the game to get people fired up, the cameras caught the majestic bird soaring through Pete Carroll on its way back to its handler. We can’t make this up! Is Coach C a hologram or a ghost? Doesn’t matter, neither of those things is real.
  2. One time, “Pete Carroll” talked about all the conspiracy theories he believed in, like Bigfoot, the Moon Landing, John Elway, and Bigger Foot. Well, it takes one to know one, buddy! That’s just proof that Pete Carroll’s entire existence is a conspiracy theory.
  3. Supposedly Pete “Carroll” used to coach somewhere called “USC”. Never heard of that, obviously fake! What’s that even supposed to stand for? Get the front door out of here!
  4. No one has ever seen “Pete” Carroll in person. One time when Russell Wilson was still a seahawk, he tried to go to Pete ” Carroll’s office, and the door was just closing and someone said Russell Wilson had just missed him and he’d be gone for the rest of the week. This happened again 20 minutes later.
  5. One time a robber broke into “Pete C”arroll”s house and looked in his refrigerator. There was no food inside, just chewing gum. A sure sign that Coach “Pete” doesn’t actually exist.
Further proof he isn’t real: ‘Pete Carroll” doesn’t have any magnets on his refrigerator.

Do you believe in Pete Carroll? Comment below!

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