TE Kittle “Bummed” About Injury Coverage

San Francisco 49ers Tight End George Kittle was reportedly “bummed” and “really disturbed” by media coverage of groin injury.

“I get that the press reports on player injuries,” Kittle reportedly told a pal, “but to say I have the ‘worst groin’ is a little embarrassing. Thank goodness I’m already married, this would kill my chances with the ladies.”

George and Mrs. Kittle swung by his parents’ house to steal their morning paper so his mom wouldn’t see the front page.

After reading online articles titled “What the Hell is Wrong With Kittle’s Groin?” and “Stay Away From Kittle’s Groin, It Is Cursed” and “Kittle’s Groin Sucks”, Mr. Kittle is said to have thrown his phone in the garbage.

We hope you feel better soon, George Kittle!

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