Changes Coming to MLB

The popularity of Major League Baseball has plummeted in recent years. In an effort to make baseball more enjoyable, Big Baseball is bringing some major league changes to the world’s most time-consuming sport.

Changes will likely go into effect following the annual baseball lockout of 2023.

So what can we expect to see?

Pitch Clock
Big Baseball saw the popularity of the clock in the NFL and decided to adapt that for baseball. No one wants to watch the pitcher just holding the ball while giving the batter the stink eye. Legend has it, in his stint with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson once held onto the baseball for 40 hours straight! The batter collapsed from exhaustion, easiest strike out in history. Well now, the pitcher only has 15 to 20 seconds to throw the ball.

Limited Pick-Off Attempts
One time, in his stint with the Seattle Mariners, baseball myth and legend Randy Johnson spent 40 hours straight throwing the ball back and forth to first base. Eventually, the runner on first collapsed from exhaustion, and it was the easiest double play in history. Big Baseball had to step in and do something.

Bigger Bases
As they say in baseball, go big or go home. Hoping to make games more high-scoring and draw in more spectators, Big Baseball has decided to increase the size of the bases by 3,000%. Neat!

What changes would you like to see? Share your suggestions below!

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