College Football Gameday Ruined by Well-Meaning Friends and Family of Millions Watching Games on Delay

Millions of college football fans across the country deleted their recorded games without even watching thanks to spoilers from friends and family members who watched the games live.

“I had back-to-back patients in the ER all night,” lamented one Boise State fan. “The only thing keeping me going was knowing that after a long night, I could come home and watch the recording of my beloved Broncos taking on Oregon State. Then I looked at my phone and got this message from my hole brother.”

Cool, no spoilers there!

“Our kids had enough screentime for the day, but we still wanted to watch the Fighting Irish,” said a resident of South Bend, Indiana. “We planned on watching the game on delay after story time and bedtime. Then our friend Pat texted.”

Eat crap, Pat.

“Look, I’ll say it,” said a die-hard college football fan. “I like having one up on someone. I had the guts to call in sick to work so I could stay home and watch the games, and now I know something that all those other suckers don’t know. And sometimes you just gotta remind them.”

People love texting about ducks!

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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